Axens subsidiaries: Let’s Meet Axens South East Asia 17.03.2017

Managing Director of Axens South East Asia Sdn Bhd (SEA) since its launch at the end of 2011, Benoît Chedal-Anglay joined Axens in 2001 as Process Design Engineer and has successively held positions as Project Manager, Start-up Advisor, Technology Manager and SEA Pacific Sales Manager.

Axens South East Asia

1) Could you present Axens SEA in a few words?

The  Axens  SEA  subsidiary  was  created in  December  2011  to develop Axens’ presence in the fields of catalysts & adsorbents in the region, with the support of a dedicated Technical Assistance Hub, notably covering the South East Asia Pacific region. In addition, Axens SEA also offers local mercury removal solutions for hydrocarbon purification.

Our Kuala Lumpur office has sales, technical and associated administrative capabilities.

Axens South East Asia

Since the subsidiary’s creation, we have supported local operators’ needs through Axens’ large portfolio of catalysts & adsorbents, notably for naphtha block processes, selective hydrogenation technologies, hydroprocessing and conversion applications, as well as Claus. Over the years, several contracts have turned into repeat orders, proof of our regional customers’ vote of confidence for our solutions and Technical Assistance Hub.


2) What are the specificities of the South East Asian market?

The South East Asian market has very high GDP growth, requiring high volumes of cleaner fuels and increased petrochemical consumption. This will translate into incremental capacity for refiners (in terms of crude distillation, hydroprocessing, conversion, light oil processing, etc.) to produce the required volumes and to support South East Asian countries in their transition towards more stringent fuel specifications.

Many gas and LNG plants exist in the region. In the current economic context, operators are more than ever focused on lowering operating expenditures. In the field of hydrocarbon purification, Axens offers cost-effective and industrially proven solutions meeting operators’ needs.


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Every day, Axens SEA overcomes the many challenges of the region by offering tailor-made, reliable and cost-effective solutions combined with proven high-level technical service support!

In this context, it is also crucial that we maintain lasting relationships with operators. One way to achieve this objective is to organize seminars and events on a regular basis to present case studies and offer our insights as a licensor and catalysts & adsorbents manufacturer to regional operators, all in a relaxed, professional atmosphere.


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3) What is it like working at Axens South East Asia?

The office is located just outside downtown Kuala Lumpur, which enables us to avoid the frequent traffic jams and the vagaries of monsoons while providing quick access to the international airport, which is crucial. Indeed, Axens SEA covers the vast South East Asia Pacific geographical area and our client sites are widely dispersed. Because of their respective job functions, employees often have to travel and it is rare for the entire team to be in the office at the same time.

Similarly to Malaysia, Axens SEA is characterized by a truly multi-cultural environment, at the crossroads between Malaysian, Chinese and Indian cultures.

Axens SEA attaches great importance to highlighting annual holidays and gathering the team to celebrate the diversity of these different cultures. Here are some pictures of our latest celebration, in which a group of dancers was invited to perform the Lion Dance for the 2017 Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Axens SEA

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