Axens’ Technologies for HPCL Rajasthan Refinery in India 08.04.2019

HPCL Rajasthan Refinery Limited (HRRL), a joint venture company between HPCL and the Government of Rajasthan, India, has selected Axens to supply several advanced technologies for its state-of-the-art 9 MTPA integrated refinery and petrochemical complex to be set in Pachpadra Tehsil of Barmer District of Rajasthan.

As part of the project, Axens will provide the following technologies:

  • a naphtha hydrotreating unit (NHT)
  • a semi-regenerative reformer
  • a C5-C6 isomerization unit
  • a VGO (vacuum gasoil) hydrotreater
  • a cracked gasoline selective desulfurization unit (Prime-G+®)
  • a unit for the production of high purity 1-Butene through ethylene dimerization (AlphaButol®)
  • a complete Sulfur block consisting of a Claus unit, a Tail Gas Treatment unit (Sultimate™)
  • a Sour Water Stripping unit, an Amine Regeneration unit and Sulfur handling facilities.


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