Broaden Horizons with
the “IFPEN and Axens Program” 20.05.2016

The “IFPEN and Axens Program”, launched in 2006, aims at enabling Axens young engineers to develop a wider relationship with IFPEN employees and new useful skills. This program helps them to learn more about IFP Energies nouvelles (Axens’ parent company) and ensures a continuous link between the two companies.
Each year, several junior process engineers who completed an Axens internship or apprenticeship, are chosen to join the program. They are assigned to the Solaize research site for a period of 24 months.These engineers demonstrated a strong desire to acquire new knowledge and to know more about IFPEN activities in order to be selected.

IFPEN and Axens program

The information meeting, specific to the IFPEN and Axens program

The objective is to involve the selected engineers in the same kind of subjects that they already covered within Axens, but in a more industrial context. They participate in research work. Results are part of new product development projects.
Even though the young engineers are based in Solaize and fully integrated in the IFPEN teams, they continue to maintain contact with Axens, thanks to theirs mentors, whose role is to provide them with guidance, answer their questions and keep them informed about news at Axens.
They are assigned to a position decided during an annual review with Axens Human Resources, according to Axens’ needs, as well as the young engineers’ wishes and experience. Finally, this program is an opportunity to enhance in-house engineer integration.

“During this program, I was really integrated in the IFP Energies nouvelles teams. It allowed me to have a 360 degree vision and understand the genesis of the processes developed at IFPEN”
Guillaume CHEVIRON,
Process Design Engineer
Middle Distillates & Conversion BL
Process Licensing BU
“This experience proved to be very interesting, enriching and educational. A true opportunity to participate in the development of processes that have become strategic for Axens and its commitment to a sustainable future!”
Larissa PEROTTA,
Olefins & Alternative Fuels
Process Licensing BU
“What I found particularly rewarding in this experience was the freedom I had when working on a new project. I learned how to solve problems with creativity!”
Light Ends & Middle Distillates Hydrotreatment BL
Catalyst Technology Department

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