Cycling for a Cause: the Story of Fatima, Axens NA Employee 25.05.2016

Fatima Shami is working as a Technical Service Engineer at Axens North America in the Houston, Texas office. In 2014, she decided to do a fundraiser for a charity supporting Multiple Sclerosis sufferers. It was the beginning of a whole new adventure, leading to a 50 mile bike ride through Northern New Mexico.

Fatima knew very little about Multiple Sclerosis (MS), before she learned that a close friend suffered from this disease of the central nervous system. She then approached Axens to discuss how she could, as an employee, support the cause.

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Two years ago, Fatima received a highly positive response from Axens North America’s employees when she held a fundraiser for Walk MS, a charity walk organized by the MS National Society. The MS National Society has helped people affected by MS address the challenges of living with the disease. The organization has provided research grants, scholarships, information, and support groups. Axens North America has been participating to this annual fundraiser ever since.

In August 2015, Fatima signed up for another challenge with the MS Society: Bike MS Pedal los Pueblos. With Axens as a sponsor, Fatima rode 50 miles on her bike, through the Pueblos of Northern New Mexico.

Fatima Shami Axens NA

Today, Fatima is grateful to be able to make her contribution to this cause, with Axens as an ally and a sponsor. The year 2016 promises to be another long but worthwhile bike ride for this Axens employee as well as others who might join the adventure!

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