How the Axens employees traveled 135,000 kilometers together 03.09.2019

In June 2019, Axens employees participated in a challenge and teamed up to walk, run, bike and swim around the world. The objective? Complete a virtual tour of the Group’s subsidiary to support the AVENIR project from the NGO, Plan International, which aim is to provide access to education for 150 children and employability for 126 young people.


A great experience of connected sport for a noble cause

Objective met! More than 1000 Axens employees participated in the Axens on the move challenge and traveled together a distance of 135,000 kilometers within 30 days. That is three times the tour of the Group’s subsidiaries! This also represents about 3.4 laps of the earth, 3,200 marathons or 12.3 round trips from Paris to New York! What a performance and what a thrilling experience employees all around the world did together!

Axens on the move launch in Rueil-Malmaison

Axens on the move

Axens on the move in Axens Princeton office

Axens on the move

International Yoga Day at Axens New Delhi office

Axens on the move launch at Axens South East Asia office in Kuala Lumpur

Beyond a will to convey internal cohesion through this collective effort, the main objective of the challenge was to support the Avenir Project from Plan International.

Axens’ donation (45.000 euros) will indeed help improve the learning environment for 15,000 children in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Yaounde where 57% of girls and 42% of boys do not attend school. Concretely, Plan International’s teams will be able to:
– Raise awareness among local communities (families, leaders, educational staff) about the importance of education for all, and more specifically for girls,
– Train nearly 200 teachers to make school an inclusive place and promote gender equality, set up 8 school support centers that receive an average of 720 students per month,
– Strengthen the capacity of vulnerable families to keep their children in school by helping them develop income-generating activities.


A few concrete news from the field

Thanks to Axens’ employees around the world, just a few months before the end of the project, all the goals are almost achieved: 150 children will return to a regular school thanks to the “gateway schools” and 126 young people will complete a professional training course.

The donation will also help launch a second phase to reach more beneficiaries. It will focus on the proper transition of students to secondary school and their success as well as the greater integration of girls in this second cycle (in secondary school the completion rate is 48% for Cameroonian girls). There will also be an awareness component on girls’ access to science. Finally, the vocational training and access to employment dimension will be strengthened with a target of 70% of women beneficiaries out of 125 young people.


A meaningful experience

This experience encouraged Axens’ employees to adopt better health habits, such as being more active, but it also helped raise awareness on the lack of education and gender equality in Cameroon.

In line with Axens’ education policy, this donation will hopefully help fight such inequalities.

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