Meet 2 Modular Project Engineers at Axens! 21.01.2020

How is it working as a Modular Project Engineer at Axens? Aurélie Duplessis and Oliver Contreras present their jobs in an interview!

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A.D.: I’m a modular project engineer at Axens. My role is to support the project manager, in particular by managing all our in-house interfaces across the diferent departments and also the external interfaces with the customer for technical matters and also Axens’ sub-contractors.

O.C.: A project engineer is a technical coordinator that assists with the creation and assembly of modular units for the gas industry, refining and petrochemicals. We provide the building blocks to turn a vision into reality.

A.D.: The advantage of these modular designs is that all the equipment can be assembled at the manufacturer’s site inside a cubic structure which is easy to transport. We then transfer this to the end customer’s site. There, we connect this to other modules that we have designed or manufactured or to an existing installation.

O.C.: A modular project engineer needs to ensure technical compliance and feasibility of the batches they are given.

I work with all departments at Axens, including Process, Project, Instrumentation, Logistics, Manufacturing, Construction, etc.
I joined Axens as a process engineer. I then became a project engineer. Now I am a technical specialist for pressure vessels.

A.D.: You can progress in many diferent ways: it may be a project management role, or as we often work with the Cost Estimate department, you can also go down that path. In addition, some project engineers choose to specialise in a certain field and become technical specialists for specific equipment. I had long discussions with specialists who explained how to do calculations,

O.C.: I undertook training and I became a technical specialist. It’s a job, but it’s also a passion.

A.D.: Coming from a major corporation, I was looking for a more tight-knit group. Working on smaller projects with a smaller team has really given me the chance to work with all the departments and therefore make a valuable contribution to the success of our projects. Joining Axens means joining a dynamic company with an international vision!

O.C.: It’s a company full of passionate people. We’re building the future!

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