October 21, 2015: Doc and Marty Were Right about One Thing 21.10.2015

Back to the future: fueling the DeLorean with waste

Doc fueling the DeLorean with household waste

If you are a Back to the Future movie fan, you know that today is exactly the day Marty McFly and Doc traveled from 1985 to the future, in Doc’s mythical time-traveling DeLorean car.
Back To The Future DeLorean Time Circuits
The amazing DeLorean is mythical for many reasons. First of all, as Doc himself explains in the movie, “if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”. Secondly, aside from being a flying car, the DeLorean is also able to work with waste instead of fuel…

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From waste to biofuel

This part of the movie rings a bell for Axens’ engineers, because Axens indeed offers processes of biomass transformation into biofuel, using renewable lipids, or agricultural residue.

Axens is present in several segments with processes that are already being marketed: Gasel® technology, for the production of high-quality biofuel via the gasification of lignocellulosic biomass, as straw or forestry residue.

As for Axens Vegan™ technology, it allows the production of biofuel via the hydrotreatment of renewable lipids.

Axens biosourced materials

Back to the (near) future

Let’s take the DeLorean again to have a look at Axens’ projects for the future!

Axens also participates in projects that are currently being researched on, like the Futurol™ project, for the production of bioethanol through the enzymatic hydrolysis of non-edible biomass, with R&D partners such as ARD, IFPEN, INRA and Lesaffre.

Besides, Axens Gasel® technology is also part of a larger pilot project, named BioTfueL and aiming at producing biofuels via the gasification of lignocellulosic biomass on a commercial scale. Axens is one of the 6 partners working on the project, and is in charge of the design of catalytic processes, especially Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

If 2015 isn’t exactly as Marty and Doc saw it in their trip, at least the part of the movie about cars working with waste is close to our present. Let’s meet again in 2045 to see about flying cars!

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