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Putting your skills to work for cleaner energy. Helping to build a sustainable energy mix that is essential for business and economic development but respectful of the environment.

This is Axens’ promise to all Group employees.

  • #TRUST

    Our customers, major industrial players in the world of energy and chemicals, trust us to accompany them in their transformation. Axens cultivates this trust and grants it to its employees throughout the world. Whether you are a young graduate or an experienced manager, it is the cement on which the Group has been built. It is also a driving force through which you can blossom and develop, in a word: grow!
    Trust Axens to support you and help you develop into the professional you dream of becoming!

  • #GROW

    By the very nature of the projects in which you take part at Axens, you enrich your skills and develop your potential: emblematic projects, large-scale projects, international projects, projects with meaning for the future... you enhance your skills on a daily basis!

    Regardless of your job or your career path and your seniority within the Group, Axens is betting on you: because our employees are our ambassadors throughout the world, we invest in your potential and support your development.

    Managed as closely as possible to the field by each of the Group’s subsidiaries, training is one of the tools available to all for skills enhancement. Each year, an ambitious plan is drawn up to meet everyone’s needs.
    To strengthen this system and to make it easy for all its employees without exception to benefit therefrom, in 2020 Axens launched its Axens Academy: a platform offering a very wide variety of educational resources, designed and powered with the help of our partner IFP School. All our employees now have a clear picture of the many resources at their disposal, wherever they are in the world, so that they can develop their skills continuously, everywhere and easily.

    Axens Academy  


    Increasing your skills every day, deepening your expertise, working more independently, developing your leadership... in a word, broadening your professional horizons: at Axens, it’s possible!
    The key to inventing your career path is to get involved!

    When you are confronted with the company’s immediate and future needs, it is your skills, your experience and your desire for development that will enable you to chart your own course: give yourself the means to achieve your ambitions and seize the opportunities offered within the Group. You steer your own career path at Axens!

    To help you identify the best path for you, you can rely on the HR teams and your management. You have access to a number of tools that will help you think, plan and concretely take on responsibility, develop your expertise and even change jobs.
    Our objective is to build our future together!

They tell you about their experience within Axens!

Technical Proposal Engineer
Rueil-Malmaison (France)

“Being mobile gives you an opportunity to tackle a new job and new challenges in a new environment. I myself started my career with Axens in India, and I now work at the French headquarters in Rueil. When I look back, I have a real sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of having gained both expertise and responsibility. And there is still a lot to come!”

Bijay, at Axens since 2009.

Technical Proposal Engineer
Rueil-Malmaison (France)

“I started in Detail Engineering, on a micro scale, and today I work on proposals and process books, on a macro scale: I now have a good view of all aspects of my job! Mobility is a real challenge because there are a lot of new things to assimilate quickly, but each time I’ve acquired additional skills, and I’m very happy about that.”

Chiara, at Axens since 2014.

Operations & Industrialization Manager Plastic Recycling
Rueil-Malmaison (France)

“Learning! Sharing! Building... In our technical expertise jobs, mobility enables us to work with colleagues with different, impressive skills. I love learning... and I’m not the only one at Axens! Making our experience and knowledge available, sharing them humbly and unreservedly... this is a pillar of the Group. Mobility is a tool for building new projects and succeeding as a team.”

Amandine, at Axens since 2003.

Process Design Team Manager
Rueil-Malmaison (France)

“What’s great about mobility is meeting new people and thus learning a new way of looking at problems. To sum up mobility at Axens, I would highlight the support, the diversity of jobs, and the proximity of colleagues and management.”

Laurent, at Axens since 2015.

Technical Proposal Engineer
Houston (USA)

“Career mobility is an important value for me, and Axens’ broad technology portfolio and global position have provided me with this opportunity. I have held three different positions in two different locations in my career with Axens, and each experience has required me to take on new responsibilities, expanded my knowledge in new fields, and helped me grow my confidence as a capable engineer.”

Nevin, at Axens since 2014.

Modules Project Engineer
Rueil-Malmaison (France)

“Thanks to the opportunities for development within the Group, I have been able to gradually approach the various stages of engineering projects: detailed studies, the construction phase and even the commissioning of our equipment. This experience in the field has made me a professional with a wealth of experience in meeting colleagues from other cultures, and aware of the value of team spirit for succeeding collectively in sometimes difficult but always exciting missions! My mobility was built with the support of my manager, who was present on a daily basis to guide me in sensitive situations, but also with the support of the company, which allowed me to move abroad with my family: a new and enriching experience for everyone!”

Emmanuel, at Axens since 2012.

Manufacturing Technician
Salindres (France)

“I am fortunate that Axens has supported me in my professional development: the company proved its confidence in me by offering me a qualifying training course that has enabled me to develop the skills I need to change jobs. I am really proud to have been able to develop professionally within the Group, thanks also to the support of my managers.”

Lionel, at Axens since 2001.

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