Low Carbon Hydrogen production via Carbon Capture Blue Hydrogen

Low-Carbon Hydrogen, sometimes called Blue Hydrogen, has been clearly identified to allow decarbonization of Industry by directly replacing the Carbon-Containing Hydrogen currently in use in refining or in the fertilizer industry but also by replacing components of fossil origin (coal, natural gas).

Low-Carbon Hydrogen will also contribute to decarbonizing and de-fossilizing other uses, including the transport sector, either by direct use of Hydrogen as an "Energy Vector", or for the production of new synthetic carbon energies recycling CO2 and naturally emitted methane.


Blue Hydrogen: A Proven Technology for Carbon Capture and Storage

In this global vision, Blue Hydrogen is a robust and mature technology that rely on the great industrial experience of Grey Hydrogen (SMR, ATR) supplemented by efficient and proven capture and sequestration technologies. Combining Carbon Capture with Axens AdVamine on the Syngas (high pressure) and DMX on the flue gas (low pressure), above 90% of CO2 emission can be avoided, therefore producing a Blue Hydrogen at 1 kg CO2 / kg H2. 

To meet the net-zero-carbon economy by 2050, Hydrogen is known to be a key-driver. Beyond Green Hydrogen generated by renewable energy (solar, wind and hydraulics resources) via electrolysis, Grey Hydrogen exiting steam reformers fed by fossil-gas will need to be decarbonized through Carbon Capture and Sequestration technologies (CCS).  

Our offer gives focus on removing CO2 on both Syngas and flue gas with DMX™ and Advamine™ technologies.  

CO2 Capture, Low-Carbon Hydrogen

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