MEG Recovery

Natural gas production leads more and more to the development of deep offshore gas projects under stringent conditions, with the associated risks of hydrate formation, leading to blocked flowlines and potential plant shutdowns.


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Injection of MonoEthylene Glycol (MEG) at the wellhead is an effective way to prevent hydrate formation and guarantees gas flow and continuous production.

MEG is recovered in a mixture with hydrocarbons water and salts produced from the field. As a result, the installation of a MEG regeneration and reclamation system is crucial to reduce MEG consumption and associated costs, allowing operators to reduce drastically glycol make-up and providing greater protection against hydrate formation and pipeline freeze-up. MEG regeneration and reclamation also reduces the risk of corrosion of subsea and onshore flowlines, as well as fouling and scaling.

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American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) Summit

The Summit: Excellence in Plant Performance blends AFPM’s traditional refining and petrochemical manufacturing technical curriculum with new creative opportunities that drive excellence in plant performance. Topics and themes throughout the conference will highlight emerging process technologies, process safety, improved reliability and operations, mechanical integrity, training, leadership, and culture.

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