B-XTL processes (Biomass to Liquids, where X can stand for Coal, Petcoke, etc.) are attractive alternatives for future energy production. These processes aim at converting lignocellulosic biomass possibly in co-processing with petcoke, coal, or vacuum residues into synthetic biofuels.

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In B-XTL processes, a gasification step converts the feed into a synthesis gas (CO and H2 mixture), which undergoes the Fischer-Tropsch reaction after H2/CO ratio adjustment and CO2 removal. The synthesis gas can also be produced by Autothermal reforming from natural gas. Due to the large feedstocks variety that can be processed, significant variations of the composition of the synthesis gas can be expected. Especially, this affects the nature of the impurities that are present (element, speciation), as well as their relative contents. These are mainly H2S, COS, HCN, NH3, HCl, arsine and mercury as well as metal carbonyls. A multi-step purification of the syngas is thus required, to ensure a deep removal of trace contaminants remaining in the syngas downstream acid gas removal section. Severe syngas specifications regarding its purity are required. For these reasons, synthesis gas purification constitutes a major challenge for the development of B-XTL processes.

Axens Solutions provides a complete Catalysts and Adsorbents range of products that are specially optimized for the desulfurization, drying and elimination of trace contaminants present in the feedstock. On another hand, Heurtey Petrochem Solutions provides a comprehensive range of unique and tailor-made furnaces for hydrogen or syngas production units (steam reforming), ammonia and methanol production units.

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Syngas, or synthetic gas, is a fuel gas mixture consisting primarily of hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO). The chemical composition of syngas varies based on the raw materials and the processes used for its production.


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Gas drying aims to prevent hydrate formation and free water condensation in gases.It is crucial in natural gas systems to avoid equipment blockage and corrosion issues, both for transportation facilities and downstream cold processes.


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