Macro and micropollutants encompass a large array of contaminants with different impacts on the environment (sediments accumulation, algae proliferation, increase turbidity, toxicity, higher oxygen consumption, etc). These pollutants and contaminants need to be treated accordingly to reach environmental discharge limits or reuse/recycling specifications in municipal and industrial applications for instance.

Axens’ objective is to preserve the environment by reducing its own water footprint and also by proposing integrated solutions to our clients for recycling or reusing wastewater while valorizing pollutants whenever it is possible.

Life Cycle of Water and Main Challenges

Axens supplies high-performance water treatment adsorbents for potable water, environmental remediation, storm water, industrial and agricultural effluents and technologies for biological treatment of industrial wastewater.

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During 4 days, professionals will showcase their innovative solutions to tackle the pressing issues of biodiversity depletion, pollution, and climate change, energy management.

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Axens is fully committed to be your partner and provide assistance and support during your project lifecycle, from conception to start-up & running operations.


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