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Modular Offer & Equipment

Modular Offer

A modularization strategy offers ascendant advantages versus on-site manufacturing. During the last 40 years, Axens Solutions, through the acquisition of Prosernat in 2018, has supplied over 500 modular units, both onshore and offshore, providing tailor made designs based on inlet feed conditions and meeting outlet specifications.


As an international provider of technologies, catalystsadsorbents and technical services to the hydrocarbon industry, Axens offers customers extensive in-house mechanical and instrumentation expertise around Axens technologies focusing on proprietary equipment. This expertise is completed by wide-ranging experience with other equipment such as vessels, internals, packing, heat exchangers, valves, analyzers and instrumentation as well as chemicals.

The technology and know-how offered by Axens maximizes process performance and long-term reliability by enabling a synergy between the process and the equipment. Axens objective is to enhance customer performance through innovative technical solutions. The service offered is tailored to meet specific customer needs bringing value to the customers in several areas.

Complementary to the extensive contribution, Axens is making in energy efficient applications, Air Preheaters are key equipment to boost the energy efficiency of any fired heater helping to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce fuel consumption. With an highly efficient tailor made Air Preheaters any new or existing fired heater or reformer can be improved.