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  • Description:Claus Catalysts - Oxygen scavenger in Sulfur recovery units
  • Characteristics:Fe, Al2O3
  • Shape:Spheres


REACH: The here above substances have been pre-registered under ECHA procedures.For more information contact: reachaxens@axens.net

Superior advanced promoted alumina beads used in dual bed with CR Catalyst or CR-3S catalyst to avoid sulfate poisoning.

AMS loaded on top of second or third converter (30 % of the total catalytic volume) protects very efficiently the alumina based Claus catalysts against sulfate poisoning due to:

- Excess oxygen coming from main or auxiliary burners AMS acts as superior advanced Claus catalyst and oxygen scavenger. Consequently AMS ensures much higher conversion and longer life time of the dual catalytic bed.

- High catalytic conversion at low contact time

- Low pressure drop

- Longer life time.


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