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LD 465

  • Description:  Selective Hydrogenation - C5+ cuts liquid phase hydrogenation  
  • Characteristics:Pd, Al2O3
  • Shape:Spheres

LD 465 is a very active palladium on alumina catalyst specially designed for hydrogenation of pyrolysis gasoline cuts. Its very open pore structure maximizes the efficiency of active palladium. This catalyst is of particular choice for feedstock rich in styrene. Used in first stage hydrogenation reactor, it stabilizes the pygas by diolefins selective hydrogenation

This hydrogenated pyrolysis gasoline is suitable for further hydrotreatment on CoMo catalysts, like HR 406.

LD 465 can also be used for total hydrogenation units, where its high cost effectiveness brings a significant difference to the economics of the process.

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LD 465 - Commercial Bulletin cadenas

LD 465 - Technical Data Sheet cadenas

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