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PR 36

  • Description:SR or Cyclic Reforming - Gasoline production
  • Characteristics:Unbalanced multipromoted Pt, Re on high density Al2O3
  • Shape:Cylindrical Extrudates

PR 36 is our highest value extruded platinum/rhenium containing reforming catalyst made on a high purity alumina base. The catalyst is designed to provide a combination of enhanced stability (substantially longer cycle length) and greater yield of hydrogen
and reformate. When applied in units with proper feed contaminant management, the lower the coking rate of  PR 36 catalyst provides the refiner with more operating flexibility to drive higher profits.
The high purity alumina base used to manufacture the catalyst provides a carrier capable of withstanding multiple regenerations.

PR 36 is recommended for fixed bed reformer processes. This catalyst is used in semi-regenerative or cyclic design reforming units. It is used in either motor fuels or BTX reformers.

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