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Impulse HR 1058

  • Description: CFHT, VGO HDT, Hydrocracking - High HDS & superior HDN activity
  • Characteristics:NiMo, Al2O3
  • Shape:Quadrilobe Extrudates

HR 1058 is a superior activity NiMo catalyst based on Axens’ ImpulseTM technology.
HR 1058 is a robust catalyst engineered to upgrade the most difficult FCC feedstocks, ensuring high nitrogen
removal, high volume swell as well as deep aromatic saturation while keeping the adequate sulfur removal.
HR 1058 will also provide outstanding denitrification level and aromatic saturation for the pre-treatment of hydrocracking units
HR 1058 can be advantageously used whether in stand alone or in stack-bed with Axens HR series catalyst in
order to meet the right performance.
HR 1058 is delivered in oxide form. It is sulfided by injection of sulfiding agents.

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