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AxTrap 4503

  • Description: Removal of H2S, COS and other sulfur compounds from dry gas streams and liquid hydrocarbons
  • Shape:Granules



AxTrap 4503 is a unique non-hazardous fast acting granular media made specifically for H2S, COS and other sulfur contaminant removal from water-under saturated gasses and liquid hydrocarbons.

AxTrap 4503 is comprised of a porous mixed metal oxide formed on a stable hygroscopic inert base. The media is used primarily for the selective removal of low levels of H2S in «dry» natural gas and carbon dioxide with less than 90% relative humidity and liquid hydrocarbons such as propane and LPG; while being stable and effective at any humidity level.

AxTrap 4503 is a low-cost product that is easy to handle compared to other zinc-based products and spent media can easily be cleaned by a variety of methods.

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