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LD 265

  • Description: Selective Hydrogenation -  Diolefins selective hydrogenation & Olefins hydrogenation
  • Characteristics:Pd, Al2O3
  • Shape:Spheres



LD 265 is a palladium on alumina catalyst used in various selective hydrogenations:

  • Liquid phase purification of crude propylene by hydrogenation of propyne and propadiene
  • Liquid phase selective hydrogenation of butadiene lean cuts to eliminate traces of butadiene down to the ppm level while maximizing the butenes yield
  • Liquid phase purification of unsaturated LPG cuts by selective saturation of butadiene to butane particularly upstream H2SO4 alkylation or Oligomerisation unit (Axens Alkyfining® Process)
  • Stabilization of pyrolysis gasoline by hydrogenation of diolefins

LD 265 can also be used for olefin total hydrogenation with adapted process conditions

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