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Impulse HR 1246

  • Description: Middle Distillates and Naphtha Hydrotreating - HDS, maximum performances
  • Characteristics:CoMo, Al2O3
  • Shape:Quadrilobe Extrudates


Impulse™ is a complete, high performance range of hydrotreating catalysts allowing for even more difficult feedstock to be processed without cycle penalty. Impulse catalysts also offer higher flexibility, maximum throughput with higher end boiling point and longer cycles.

Impulse achieves increased activity by maximizing the amount of catalytically most active mixed Molybdenum (Nickel)/Cobalt sites by:

  • Improved promotion
  • Improved dispersion
  • Improved support characteristics

Impulse HR 1246 is a Cobalt - Molybdenum catalyst for middle distillates hydrotreatment.
- Industrial ULSD production operations and preceding pilot tests confirmed a 7°C increase in HDS activity as compared to our current offer.
- HR 1246’s stability is derived from our HR 626 catalyst. HR 626’s superior stability was confirmed by a method developed in collaboration with a major. Industrial operation has proven that HR 626 and HR 1246 exhibit the same low deactivation rate.

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