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Impulse HR 1248

  • Description: Middle Distillates and Naphtha Hydrotreating - HDS & HDA, maximum performances
  • Characteristics:NiMo, Al2O3
  • Shape:Quadrilobe Extrudates


Impulse™ technology’s HR 1248 is engineered for maximum activity while maintaining the unique stability of Axens’ HR 600 series. This combination provides a maximum-profitability solution for ULSD production and addresses the following issues:

  • - Cetane Improvement is required because an increasing number of conversion units are coming on-stream and more cracked feedstock is incorporated into the diesel pool.
  • - Diesel Yields are improved by including more upper boiling range refractory components. The treatment of these compounds, however, requires highly active hydroprocessing catalysts.
  • - Hydrogen Cost. In low H2-cost regions, an interest in more saturation of aromatics exists as this generates additio- nal volume swell and a decrease of the product’s distillation end tail.

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Impulse™ - Commercial Bulletin cadenas

Impulse™ HR 1248 - Commercial Bulletin cadenas

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