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The Sulfrex™ process is an Extractive Sulfur Removal process which eliminates H2S in a first step and extracts mercaptans (RSH) and COS in a second step.

The main advantages of Sulfrex™ are the following:

  • maximizing the use of different caustic strengths,
  • minimizing the caustic and catalyst consumption,
  • relying on readily available equipment to avoid any dependence on specific equipment vendors.

Axens Solutions does not impose any proprietary equipment as extractor trays, mixers, filters, contactors, coalescers and oxidizer internals. This results in a lower initial unit cost and also a lower maintenance cost when replacing such equipment.

Sulfrex™ technology has demonstrated its industrial performance, robustness, simple design and ease in operation since 1975. Sulfrex™ covers several configurations:

  • Olefinic LPG ex FCC, Coker and Visbreaking
  • Non Olefinic LPG on saturated distillations columns , or from hydrotreating units
  • Gas field NGL

Different types of specifications can be attained ranging from commercial LPG to petrochemical feedstocks.

Continuing research targets lower sulfur specifications to meet downstream units’ catalyst requirements or environmental norms on LPG and Naphtha.

More than eighty projects have been awarded to Axens Solutions with forty projects in the last ten years in this technology.

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