Catalyst Carrier Spheralite™

Spheralite™ products offer a wide variety of solutions as catalysts support materials. These quality-controlled alumina-based products have been extensively commercially employed. Spheralite™ carriers have been developed for use in a wide range of catalysts applications: refining, petrochemical, fine-chemistry and others.


Axens Offer

Spheralite carriers are based on optimized combinations of mechanical, structural and chemical properties that provide the right catalyst support for different reactions and process challenges.

Structural Properties

Surface area and morphology play important roles in carrier selection. Within these characteristics, pore volume and pore size distribution are key properties to define the inner carrier surface and directly influence activity and selectivity of a catalyst.

Mechanical Properties

High mechanical resistance to attrition loss and breakage is essential to ensure the most effective use catalysts and to avoid operational upsets due to pressure drop or downstream fouling. The mechanical properties of the carriers are greatly influenced by their size. Axens offers a wide range of alumina-based carriers with different diameter ranges to cover market needs.

Composition and Chemical properties

The chemical interaction between carriers and active material precursors significantly impacts final catalyst properties and performance. The acido-basic nature of the carrier can be modified during production. This in turn can strongly influence the quality of the metal's impregnation (depth and dispersion) and the thermal stability of the carriers. Axens’ carriers have optimized acidity and are produced under strict quality control, particularly with respect to sodium content in the finished product.

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