Sulfur Removal Adsorbents for Biogas AxTrap™ 4000 Series: The best value on the market

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and light mercaptans are common contaminants that must be removed from various gases such as biogas and landfill-derived methane in particular. Such sulfur species are extremely corrosive and must be removed to meet fuel gas specifications, pipeline specifications and air quality regulations.

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Axens offers the AxTrap™ 4000 Series of dry, granular media scavengers to safely and effectively remove these common sulfur contaminants. 



AxTrap™ 4000 Series products are based on patented, proprietary mixtures of iron oxides and/or mixed metal oxides - on an inert, inorganic carrier. The result is a particularly robust, granular material in which the metal oxide matrix provides a firmly bound active phase which is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-pyrophoric and environmentally safe in both fresh and spent condition.

The simplicity of the AxTrap™ 4000 Series is ideal for a wide range of applications, as it is well-suited to the water saturated conditions typical of biogas, landfill and digester gas. AxTrap™ 4000 Series scavengers are effective in anaerobic conditions and achieve very high sulfur loadings when sufficient oxygen is present.

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefits Saves
Very high sulfur loading capacity Maximizes media cycle time Money
Less dust/fines compared to competing products
  • Lower pressure drop
  • No fires or special handling during change out
  • Easier change outs and shorter change out times
Time, Money, Lives
High H2S Selectivity Removes only the contaminants of concern with no over-adsorption, which can lead to hazardous spent media Money
Simple process with superior flexibility Robust to dynamic feed conditions in challenging gas treatment applications Time
Non-hazardous product from start to finish Lower disposal cost and reduce personnel risk Money & Lives
Superior Technological Know-How and Field Services Reliable support for challenging gas treatment applications Money & Lives
Rapid responsiveness of sales and production Short lead times means minimal unit downtime and avoidance of costly emissions fines Money & Lives


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