VGO Hydrotreating Catalysts Cutting-Edge catalysts for VGO Hydrotreating

Nowadays, VGO (Vacuum Gasoil Hydrotreating) HDT operators are not only focused on maximizing HDS performance, they are also looking for a boost in nitrogen removal and aromatics saturation. Depending on the Unit Pressure and targeted achievement, Axens offers a complete portfolio of Catalysts.

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Gums & Polymer formation control

Pressure drop induced by gum formation is frequently encountered in unit processing some cracked feedstock derived from various conversion processes. The olefins and mainly the diolefins contained in these streams tend to polymerize and get oxidized forming a crust which deposit in the upper layers of the reactor.


Speciality Bed Topping

In Hydroprocessing reactors, pressure drop is mainly induced by particulates build-up and gum formations. Pressure drop not only affect the capacity of the unit but can also have detrimental impact on the distribution.


Silica Management

Silicon is a well-known widespread poison for hydroprocessing catalysts. The main contributor to silicon is the Delayed Coker. In addition, there is a general tendency in the oil production industry to use more silicon-based flow improvers.


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