Xylenes Isomerization Catalysts For Xylene isomerization - Ethylbenzene reforming


Axens Offer

Oparis® catalysts are recognized as the market references thanks to their highest activity for the conversion of ethyl benzene into xylenes accompanied with a very low by-product make and superior stability.

Building on the proven & successful track record of Oparis® and OparisPlus™ catalysts and a continuous thrive for R&D, the Oparis® series continues to lead the xylene isomerization – ethylbenzene reforming technology.

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Fixed-bed radial-flow reactors are used when low-pressure drop is critical to performance, such as in reforming units. Most fixed-bed radial reactor designs “waste” the top 15% or so of the catalyst bed, since conventional design create “dead-zones”.


Xylenes Isomerization

As part of the xylenes loop of an aromatic complex, C₈ aromatics isomerization technologies recover the thermodynamic equilibrium of xylenes from PX-depleted C₈ aromatic streams produced by the PX separation unit.


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