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Axens Technologies for IRPC Public Company Limited in Thailand

APRIL 2 - 2012
Axens Technologies for IRPC Public Company Limited

IRPC Public Company Limited, a company specialized in the production of Petrochemical and Refining products in Thailand, selected Axens to supply technologies for its new Upstream Project for Hygiene and Value Added Product (UHV project). The complex is due to come on stream in 2015. The project aims at converting atmospheric residue to high value propylene and aromatics rich gasoline cut.
The Axens technologies included in the project concern the following units:

The Hyvahl unit will improve the feed quality to the Deep catalytic cracking (DCC) unit while co-producing a diesel cut that can be subsequently upgraded. The DCC technology is licensed by Shaw’s Energy & Chemicals Group. The technology will maximize propylene production at more than 280 thousand tons per annum through a FlexEneTM integrated scheme. This scheme enables to maximize the propylene production by further processing the C4-olefinic stream issued from the catalytic cracking unit. This stream is processed through an Alkyfining unit (purification step), a Polynaphtha unit (oligomerization step) and then the oligomers are recycled to the catalytic cracking step. The unconverted C4 from the Polynaphtha unit is a paraffin rich cut suitable for steam cracking unit or LPG pool. This project will definitely reinforce IRPC’s position on Petrochemical market.

IRPC Public Company Limited
ZAO “Far East Petrochemical Company” has been IRPC,, is a producer of integrated petrochemical products. Its complex consists of an upstream, an oil refinery unit and a downstream petrochemical production. The company's oil refinery unit has the total capacity of 215,000 barrels per day, accounting for 21% of the country's total refining capacity. The IRPC's production complex is located in an industrial estate managed by the company in Rayong. The estate provides necessary infrastructures that are used to support the production including a deep-sea port, oil storage tanks and a power plant.