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Lukoil to install the 200th Axens’ Prime-G+ Unit

MAY 23 - 2012
Lukoil to install the 200th Axens’ Prime-G+ Unit

Lukoil has selected Axens to provide the technology license for a new Prime-G+TM unit to desulfurize FCC gasoline at its Kstovo refinery in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia. The unit which has been designed to treat more than 1.1 million ton per annum (Mtpa) of cracked gasoline will produce a highoctane stream resulting in refinery gasoline pool sulfur levels as low as 10 ppm.

This unit, which is the 200th Axens’ Prime-G+ unit licensed worldwide, is a further landmark in the company’s rich history. Since the first Prime-G+ unit was put into operation in Mid-2001, Axens has been awarded licenses amounting to a capacity of over 190 Mtpa, establishing Prime-G+ as the world’s benchmark gasoline desulfurization technology. Flexible and reliable process schemes are designed depending on the feedstock, site-specific constraints and refinery objectives.

To date, 140 units have been successfully started-up. The vast majority of these units satisfy the EURO V specification in the gasoline pool.



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