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Axens’ Mercury Removal Products Selected for Macedon

FEBRUARY 19 - 2014
Axens Selected for Macedon

Axens was the pioneer of mercury (Hg) removal technology in the 1970s as a direct result of the first mercury corrosion related industrial incident at Skikda in Algeria. Axens technology consists of an active phase impregnated on devoted and optimised alumina carriers (AxTrap™ 200 Series). The trapping mechanism implies a chemical reaction between the mercury and the sulphur of the active phase to form cinnabar (HgS) which is a nonhazardous and very stable form.

Thanks to an intensive R&D, licensing activities and technical services, Axens has an extensive mercury removal portfolio and provides a global offer including a wide range of services.

BHP Billiton operates the Macedon gas field located in Western Australia. The Macedon plant consists of four offshore production wells and an onshore gas treatment plant (Onslow).

The natural gas is routed to the onshore plant via a subsea pipeline, where the gas is processed prior to being sent to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline. The natural gas contains 2 μg/Sm3 (microgram of Hg per standard cubic meter) of mercury and the outlet concentration needs to be lowered to 10 ng/Sm3 (nanogram of Hg per standard cubic meter). Axens received an award for the design of a 5-year lifetime mercury removal unit. The mercury removal unit is placed in water saturated gas upstream of the dehydration unit. This unit treats 200 MMS CFD and consists of two vessels in parallel loaded with Axens’ product.

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