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PT Pertamina Selects Axens to Conduct a Study for the Modernization of its Plaju Refinery (South Sumatra)

MAY 20 - 2014
PT Pertamina Selects Axens to Conduct a Study

The Indonesian National Oil Company PT Pertamina has selected Axens to conduct a Bankable Feasibility Study for the modernization and capacity expansion of Plaju refinery located in Palembang, South Sumatra.

Indonesia has a crude oil refining capacity of over 1.0 million barrel per day, which is not enough to meet the increasing motor fuels domestic demand and requires imports. In addition, domestic crude oil production is declining which forces a shift to imported crude oils with higher sulfur content.

PT Pertamina has launched a vast investment operation, which includes the development and modernization of existing refineries. The target is to rapidly match the growing domestic demand and to satisfy the more stringent specifications for clean fuels.

The objectives of the project are to improve Plaju refinery’s competitiveness to first quartile standards in terms of gross refinery margin through sour crude processing flexibility to increase the capacity to produce Euro IV standards gasoline and diesel.

Axens will develop all the engineering documentation and economic analysis for the development master plan of the refinery.

Pertamina,, is Indonesia’s state-owned integrated energy company. Pertamina is committed to an ongoing process of transformation and continuous improvement that will lead to achieving global standards of operational, environmental, and corporate performance. As a national oil company, Pertamina is committed to balancing profitable performance with its public service mandate. Pertamina’s businesses include the exploration and production of oil and gas; the refining, manufacturing and marketing of oil products and petrochemicals; and the development of biofuels, geothermal power and other sustainable alternative energy sources. Pertamina has operations and facilities throughout Indonesia. Pertamina’s employees serve the energy needs of over 230 million Indonesians.

Axens,, is an international provider of advanced technologies, catalysts, adsorbents and services, with a global reputation for basic engineering design excellence. The main scope of Axens' business is focused on the conversion of oil, coal, natural gas and biomass to clean fuels as well as production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates. Axens’ global offer is based on: highly trained human resources, modern production facilities and extensive commercial feedback from plants using our processes and catalysts all around the world.