Salindres Manufacturing Site


Salindres plant is the largest of the catalyst and adsorbent production plants in Axens group. It is located on a historic site - that has a 160 year old industrial past - in the South of France.

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manufacturing facilities and 3 water treatment plants


t/year of finished products


Manufacturing of catalysts and adsorbents


  • Retention/capture of pollutants: H2S, Cl, Hg, As
  • Gas purification and treatment of pollutants


  • Speed up reactions and reduce energy consumption 
  • Used for refining and purifying of hydrocarbons, gas, plastics and biofuels

Products that limit the environmental impact

  • Fuels: 40% of consumption of low-sulphur gasoline and 15% of low-sulphur diesel fuel (<50ppm) made with our catalysts, representing a cumulative production of 15.0 Mb/day.
  • Capturing of Sulfur: 50Mt of SO2 have not been issued in the atmosphere in 2016 thanks to Claus units loaded with an Axens catalyst. If it had not been captured, the annual global SO2 emissions (from all sectors) would have been approximately 50% higher.
  • Mercury capture: 2,500t mercury traps sold in 3 years on 3 units of natural gas (1 in Russia, 2 in Australia).

Health, Safety, Environment and Energy: our priorities

Excellence commitments:

  • 5 HSE Certificates of Excellence 
  • SEVESO High Threshold (Dangerous Products for Aquatic Wildlife) 
  • 40 Firefighters and 8 HSCT (Hygiene, Safety, Working Conditions) Specialists
  • Attack Safety Measures

35 million euros of investments in 15 years:

  • Treatment of air emissions 
  • Water treatment and recycling (50% saving summer 2019)
  • Energy savings (about 8% in 3 years)
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