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Bottom of The Barrel

Axens Solutions offers an extensive line of residue and heavy-fraction conversion technologies. Our residue fluidized catalytic cracking (R2R) technology is a cornerstone for gasoline production.

For hydroprocessing residues Axens Solutions proposes both ebullated bed technologies (H-OilRC, H-OilDC) and fixed bed technology (Hyvahl) that can be combined with solvent deasphalting (Solvahl). In vacuum distillate hydrocracking, Axens Solutions is among the few licensors able to provide a large range of solutions ranging from mild hydrocracking to high-conversion hydrocracking (HyK).

Except for the high-conversion hydrocracking process, streams issued from bottom-of-the-barrel conversion require further processing before incorporation in ultra-clean fuel pools. For that purpose we successfully developed and commercialized our Prime-G+ technology that selectively desulfurizes cracked gasoline fractions. For diesel fractions issued from mild hydrocracking (HyC-10) and H-OilRC processes, Axens Solutions offers integrated diesel hydrotreating solutions.