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Propylene Purification

Axens’ Propylene Recovery Unit (PRU) processes LPGs that typically come from FCC or Coker units to produce a stream of high purity propylene suitable for petrochemical applications. Additional complex refinery or petrochemical purge streams containing propylene may also be treated.

The design is customized in order to fulfill the required propylene specifications, frequently chemical, chemical high purity or polymer grades or even custom specifications, with purities of up to 99.8 wt%.

Propylene impurities such as water, sulfur compounds, phosphine or arsine are removed through the use of specific adsorbents from Axens (AxSorb and AxTrap), involving fully automated regeneration if necessary.

Latest improvements from Axens focus on reducing the energy and carbon footprints of the PRU, through tighter thermal integration with a FCC unit or the application of Heat Pump or Hot Water Belt systems.

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