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Top of The Barrel

Gasoline production and achieving specifications are areas in which we are market pacemakers. Our Octanizing (Continuous Catalytic Regeneration reforming) is a cornerstone for gasoline production.

Benfree (benzene reduction by hydrogenation), light naphtha isomerization, advanced recycle isomerization (including Ipsorb and Hexorb) are key process blocks for ensuring gasoline specification attainment. Classed by the number of awarded licenses, many of these technologies are among worldwide market leaders.

We have been in diesel hydrotreating longer than in any other refining technology. Our Diesel hydrotreating technology (Prime-D) is a market frontrunner in ensuring high-quality, ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD). The Prime-D toolbox contains high-activity and high-stability HR Series  catalysts and EquiFlow, the most advanced reactor internals in the industry.