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TG 107

TG 107 is a special CoMo catalyst used for the reduction into H2S of Sulfur compounds such as Sx, SO2, COS, CS2. Already industrially proven in hydroprocessing applications, the promoted high alumina carrier supplied in beaded form, allows the highest performances.It provides the following characteristics :

  • the possibility to operate at low inlet temperature (240°C below) saving a lot of energy consumption and avoiding in line burners with their draw backs (soot deposit for some of them).
  • Operation below 220°C when the COS and CS2 inlet concentrations are low enough (with a bottom layer of CRS 31 in R1 Claus converter).
  • operation at 240°C without producing any adverse compounds such as mercaptans and methane.

TG 107 is delivered in either metal oxide or in a sulfided form . If as metal oxide, it can be sulfided in situ by H2S /H2 gas mixture.TG 107 is available as 2-4 mm beads and is well suited for use in units which are sensitive to pressure drop or where catalyst strength is important


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