Claus Catalysts Promoting the Claus reaction kinetic while avoiding pore blockage in the catalyst is key to sulfur recovery maximization.

Axens is the world leading premium Claus catalyst supplier. Thanks to the Claus plants loaded with Axens SulShine® Claus Catalysts, around 50 million tons of SO₂ are not emitted to the atmosphere. Overall, it represents around 40% of the Sulfur recovered from refining and gas processing operations in 2016. If not recovered, this could increase yearly worldwide SO₂ emissions (all sectors) by 50%.

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Axens Offer

Axens offers a complete range of Claus Catalysts and support media for meeting the needs of every Claus system. Axens aluminas provide first-class performance thanks to their optimized properties.

When dealing with difficult species, titanium dioxide-based catalysts, used alone or in combination with aluminas, is the solution of choice to reach outstanding performances. For lean acid gas, Axens has developed a unique promoted alumina which enables dealing with the adverse effect of aromatics on the catalyst cycle duration.

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Claus Active Bed Support Catalysts

Claus productivity can be boosted if the bed support material also acts as catalyst.


Tail Gas Treatment Catalysts

To further increase recovery yields, tail gas leaving the Claus section can be treated using different processes. Axens offers dedicated products for sub-dewpoint applications or hydrogenation processes where sulfur species are reduced back to H₂S and recycled to the Claus section inlet.


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