Tail Gas Treatment Catalysts SulShine® - Special CoMo-based catalysts for reductive Tail Gas Treatment (TGT) technologies.

To further increase recovery yields, tail gas leaving the Claus section can be treated using different processes.

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Axens Tail Gas Treatment

Axens Offer

Axens offers dedicated products for sub-dewpoint applications or hydrogenation process where sulfur species are reduced back to H2S and recycled to the Claus section inlet. SulShine® optimized catalysts help reaching the ever-increasing stringent specification on sulfur emissions from the gas plant.

Axens special CoMo-based catalysts combine excellent activity for the hydrolysis and hydrogenation of Sx, SO2, COS and CS2 with CO-shift conversion.

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Claus Catalysts

Promoting the Claus reaction kinetic while avoiding pore blockage in the catalyst is key to sulfur recovery maximization.


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