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HMC 868

  • Description:Residue Hydrotreating - HDM of Atmospheric & Vacuum Residue
  • Characteristics:CoMoNi, Al2O3
  • Shape:Spheres

HMC 868 is used for the hydrotreatment of heavy cuts such as atmospheric residue, vacuum residue and desasphalted oils or heavy VGO. This catalyst performs high levels of demetallization and asphaltene conversion, combined with a reduction of Conradson carbon.

The special design of HMC 868 provides these levels of performance, even in very severe operating conditions, due to higher metal retention, improved asphaltene conversion activity and enhanced hydrodemetallation and hydro desulfurization activities.

To reach a high desulfurization rate, HMC 868 can to be used in combination with HT 438 catalyst as a second stage.

HMC 868 is spherical shaped. Two diameters are available : 1.4 to 2.8 mm or 4 to 6.3 mm.

HMC 868 is delivered under oxide form. It is sulfided by injection of sulfiding agents.

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HMC 868 S - Technical Data Sheet cadenas

HMC 868 - Technical Data Sheet cadenas

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