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TG 203

  • Description:Tail Gas Treatment Catalysts - Tail Gas Treatment
  • Characteristics:CoMo, Al2O3
  • Shape:Spheres


TG 203, New Claus Tail Gas hydrogenation Catalyst : the optimum performance with the lowest cost to fill

TG 203 is the newest Axens’ catalyst for the hydrogenation of Claus tail Gas. It has been specifically designed for Tail Gas Treatment processes (TGT) in which the hydrogenation reactor is operated at 260-280°C inlet temperature.

TG 203 is a low density Cobalt Molybdenum (CoMo) catalyst for the reduction of sulfur compounds (Sx, SO2, COS, CS2) into H2S prior to downstream chemical treatment.

Compared to the previous generation of hydrogenation catalysts, TG 203 beneficiates from:

  • High macroporous volume and  bead diameters in the 2 to 4 mm range to ease gas diffusion to the active sites,
  • Unique metal deposition technique, similar to that developed for TG 107, for maximum activity of Molybdenum,
  • Low density for reducing the overall loading costs.

TG 203 is the new member of the Axens’ TGT catalysts family, that counts more than 180 references in operation worldwide and comprises TG 103/TG 203 for conventional temperatures and TG 107/TG 136 for low inlet temperatures (200 to 240°C).

Axens is the World leader in sulfur recovery catalysts, offering innovative products and providing customers with state-of-the-art technical assistance supported by the highest level of expertise.

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