Axens and Viscolube Revivoil™ Technology Selected for NexLube’s Oil Re-Refining Plant in Florida

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NexLube Tampa LLC plans to begin construction of a used oil re-refinery and blending plant in Tampa, Florida using Axens’ and Viscolube Revivoil™ technology. The facility is expected to process 24 million gallons (91,000 m3) of dehydrated used oil annually. The re-refinery unit will produce API Group II base oil and various grades of motor oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and other specialty products after on-site blending.

Re-refined products will be marketed in a closed-loop process, where NexLube will provide its branded products to a municipality or other customer that has its own fleet of vehicles. The fleet uses the branded product and then returns the used oil to the re-refining plant.

Axens’ innovative Revivoil™ technology was jointly developed with Viscolube of Italy, one of the world's leading spent lube oil re-refiners. NexLube selected Revivoil™ based on commercial experience and superior yield of high quality lube oil from used oil. Twelve units have been licensed using all or part of the Revivoil™ technology.

In addition to the Revivoil™ technology, enabling to recycle used oil instead of burning or releasing it to the ground, Axens is actively contributing to a cleaner environment by providing clean fuels technologies, catalysts and green engineering solutions.