Axens Awarded Licences for the Saudi Aramco Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project

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Axens' technologies have been selected by Saudi Aramco for its Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project. The refinery, scheduled to be commissioned in December 2016, will have a capacity of 400,000 BPSD.

The units under Axens design are:

  • Naphtha hydrotreating for feedstock purification
  • Aromizing™ – CCR Reforming for aromatics production
  • C5/C6 isomerization unit to provide a high octane component for the gasoline pool
  • ParamaX® complex enabling to produce high purity paraxylene and benzene.

These units are designed and integrated to maximize the gasoline production and the aromatics throughput for petrochemical use.

The Gas Oil desulfurization hydrotreater (Prime-D™) is also under Axens design. This Prime-D™ unit – one of the world's largest – will produce ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) with less than 10 ppm of sulfur.

The refinery will deliver gasoline and diesel that meet Euro V specifications.