Axens Delivers Optimization Software to Aromatics Oman for its ParamaX™ Complex

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Axens (Performance Programs) has delivered to Aromatics Oman LLC (AOL) a Process Operations Simulator (POS) for its ParamaX™ complex started up beginning of 2010.

The POS integrates all units of the complex. The simulations are based on PRO/II® comprehensive steady-state process simulation software developed by Invensys Operations Management. They are enhanced by the use of accurate proprietary models for reactions and paraxylene adsorption. It allows plant engineers to perform whatif studies and to optimize operating costs taking into account variations in feed characteristics, feed and utility costs, and final product prices. It is intensively used by AOL for determining the most suitable naphtha feedstock allowing operation of the complex in the more profitable conditions.

The ParamaX Technology Suite implemented in Oman is composed of the following processes:

  • Naphtha hydrotreating - for feedstock purification
  • Aromizing™ - continuous catalyst regenerative (CCR) reforming for aromatics production from naphtha
  • Morphylane® - aromatics extractive distillation
  • Eluxyl® - high-purity paraxylene separation from mixed C8 aromatics
  • XyMaxSM - C8 aromatics isomerization with ethylbenzene dealkylation
  • TransPlusSM - toluene and C9+ aromatics transalkylation to produce C8 aromatics.

Uhde is in charge of the basic engineering for the Morphylane process, while Axens ensures basic engineering for the other ParamaX™ technologies as well as the integrated package.

Aromizing™, Eluxyl® and ParamaX™ are trademarks of Axens; XyMaxSM and TransPlusSM are service marks of Exxon Mobil Corporation; Morphylane® is a trademark of Uhde GmbH.