Axens, IFPEN and Dynamotive to Develop and Commercialize Process for Upgrading Bio-Oil to Transportation Fuels

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Axens, an international provider of advanced technologies, catalysts, adsorbents and services to the refining, petrochemical, gas and alternative fuels industries, IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), a leading research and development center in the fields of energy, transport and environment and Dynamotive, a leader in pyrolysis fuel processes, announced completion of agreements for the development, industrialization and commercialization of a proprietary innovative process to produce transportation fuels from pyrolysis oil.

The process, initially developed by Dr Radlein and Dynamotive, has involved IFPEN for the past years during which extensive analysis and verification of economic and technical parameters concluded that the process has competitive advantages when compared to existing processes and competing technologies.

In pursuit of the development, laboratory scale units were developed and operated in Canada and in France at IFPEN facilities in Lyon where Dynamotive’s bio-oil was upgraded to synthetic hydrocarbons. This predevelopment work has led to patent applications by IFPEN, Dynamotive and Dr. Radlein.

The agreements mark the completion of Dynamotive’s investment program in the process as IFPEN commits to develop the full bio-oil upgrading technology. Dynamotive on its part will cooperate in provisioning pyrolysis oil to IFPEN for the development program. Axens will finalize the development of the upgrading technology, and will be in charge of its industrialization and commercialization.