Axens Revivoil™ Technology at PDVSA Intevep

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PDVSA Intevep selected Axens’ and Viscolube Revivoil™ technology for its waste oil re-refining plant to be located in San Juan de los Morros (Guárico region) or Amuay (Falcón region).

The Revivoil™ spent oil re-refining technology is a process application that has been developed to meet environmental demand. It economically converts spent motor and industrial oils into highly valuable quality products in an ecologically responsible way.

The new Revivoil™ Complex is made up of three sections - Preflash and Thermal De-Asphalting units from Viscolube and High Pressure Hydrofininshing from Axens. With a design capacity to process 40 000 tons per year of waste oil, the plant will produce API group II Lube Oil Bases with low sulfur and low aromatics content.

The basic engineering ensured by Axens and Viscolube is now completed. Start-up of the first plant is scheduled for 2013.

This Venezuelan project is part of a social development program, “Empresas de Producción Social” (Social Property Companies), which will be in charge of the collection and distribution of the waste oil in several regions of Venezuela, meant to give an impulse to the national economic system through the development of the productive sector of the country.