Axens Signs an Agreement with Hengyi Industries to Provide FLEXICOKING™ Technology

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Since the Alliance Agreement signed between ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing (EMCL) and Axens to provide FLEXICOKING™ technology in January 2020, it has been a great success as can be seen in the new license granted to Hengyi Industries' integrated complex in Pulau Muara Besar, Brunei.

Following the successful start-up of the 1.1 MTA FLEXICOKING™ unit at the end of 2019, Hengyi Industries renewed its confidence in the technology by selecting FLEXICOKING™ for a second time to upgrade the heavy feeds of its 16-MTA capacity for the New Crude to Aromatics Phase II expansion project.

The FLEXICOKING™ unit will upgrade the 2.1 MTA blend of Vacuum Residue, FCC Slurry Oil and Steam Cracker PyOil into valuable distillates and Flexigas. Start-up of the unit is foreseen in June 2024. Since the Alliance took effect, the Process Design Package developed for the first time by Axens was delivered as per schedule in early May 2021, proof of Axens’ robust process engineering capability and flexibility to handover new technologies.

This second FLEXICOKING™ reference at Hengyi Industries is the first of many great achievements to come for the EMCL/Axens cooperation in this technology. This success bears witness to the highly efficient teamwork between EMCL and Axens. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Axens and providing this proven technology to the industry.
Tarra Kros
ExxonMobil Global Marketing Manager, Catalysts and Licensing
We are delighted to supply Hengyi Industries with this second FLEXICOKING™ reference. Its flexibility in processing various feedstocks and its production of Flexigas used directly in the refinery’s burners are perfectly suited to Hengyi Industries’ needs. This new technology rounds out Axens’ wide Bottom-Of-the-Barrel technologies portfolio in response to refiners’ future challenges.
Jacinthe Frécon
Axens Conversion & Clean Fuel Technology Group Manager

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