Bangchak Petroleum Selects Axens CCR Octanizing™ Technology for its Energy, Efficiency and Environment Improvement Project in Bangkok, Thailand

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Axens announced today that the Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited will use Axens’ state-of-the-art reforming technology and catalysts for its Energy, Efficiency and Environment Improvement Project in Bangkok.

The project consists in a grassroots OctanizingTM unit (CCR Reforming unit for gasoline production) with a design capacity of about 12,000 BPSD to produce high-quality reformate, a blend component for high-octane gasoline.

The relationship between the refinery and Axens started more than 30 years ago with a semi-regenerative reforming unit, hydro treating unit for gasoline and diesel, etc. More recently, it has continued with projects linked to the production of clean fuels and impurities removal.

For this specific project, detailed studies conducted by an independent party demonstrated that Axens’ technology solution was the most economically attractive option for a given reformate RON target. This was a key element for the Bangchak Petroleum Public Company and for the viability of the project. In addition, Axens’ reputation for clean fuel projects was also an important factor in the final decision for this refinery located close to the city and for which creating an environmentally friendly energy business is essential.

The Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited

With a business culture of Sustainable Business Development in Harmony with the Environment and Society, Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited was established to conduct its energy business since 1984 and strives to strike a balance between business value and social and environmental value. To this end, it has constantly applied the Sufficiency Economy philosophy, corporate governance, and social responsibility concept to business management for goal achievement. The year 2014 saw Bangchak move into the oversea investment to secure national energy and grow sustainable value.