Craken™: Axens’ New Generation of High Performance Hydrocracking Catalysts

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Craken™ Series, Axens’ latest generation of hydrocracking catalysts, displays required fuels production and product properties, extended long-term stability and cycle lengths. They cover a wide range of operating conditions and enable the adjustment of product yields, properties and qualities, while achieving the targeted activity.
Craken Series activity and selectivity are extremely competitive compared to other hydrocracking catalysts on the market.
Craken-D and Craken-Flex catalysts are the result of step-out improvements and have been specifically designed to convert feeds such as VGO, HCGO, DAO and other refractory feedstocks into high quality fuels, such as heavy naphtha, kerosene and diesel.

Moreover, Craken Series catalysts are extremely tolerant to nitrogen, thanks to a highly performing bifunctional hydrotreating and cracking activity, allowing to process opportunity crudes.

Craken-D catalysts ensure:

  •  Maximized middle distillate yield
  •  Enhanced diesel cold flow properties, notably cloud point.

Craken-Flex catalysts provide:

  •  Optimized fuels production: naphtha and middle distillates
  •  Enhanced unconverted oil (UCO) quality: Viscosity Index (VI), BMCI.

Among several other customers, Spanish refiner Repsol has selected Craken catalysts for two of its hydrocracking units, one being a repeated order.
The selection has been based on pilot testing, highlighting the technical suitability of Axens’ offer.