Gazprom, Axens and IFP are Developing Cooperation in the Field of LNG

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Today within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2010 a meeting between Vlada Rusakova, Member of the Management Committee, Head of the Strategic Development Department of Gazprom and Jean Sentenac, President and CEO of Axens took place.

The parties discussed the cooperation prospects for Gazprom, Axens and IFP in the area of natural gas liquefaction. It was noted that the partnership between the companies was aimed at joint development and approbation of the Russian-French natural gas liquefaction technology – «Gazprom- Liquefin».

The parties agreed on signing an interaction agreement, under which a demonstration commercial LNG plant would be built and where the joint «Gazprom- Liquefin» trademark would be registered.

«This advanced technology will enable to reduce our dependence on external suppliers, produce LNG equipment in Russia, train domestic specialists in using the relevant know-how, and promote Gazprom’s image of a global energy company», said Vlada Rusakova.

«We are pleased to enter into partnership with a prestigious company such as Gazprom and industrialize with them this new leading edge technology for the production of LNG», said Jean Sentenac.