New reference in Asia for LD 153 Axens’ selective hydrogenation catalyst for C2 front-end application

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Axens Selene™ Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts new family

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Axens recently announced the launch of SeLene, a newly created family of catalysts dedicated to selective hydrogenation.

Part of the SeLene™ family, LD 153 is a selective acetylene hydrogenation catalyst specifically dedicated to ethylene producers with front-end process configurations.
LD 153 offers an innovative solution to increase ethylene yields while ensuring safer start-up and sustained normal operation. Its unparalleled operating window allows for a wide range of feed carbon monoxide (CO) content while maintaining stability and safe operation.

LD 153 was recently selected in Asia for an acetylene selective hydrogenation unit. This new reference confirms the LD 153 high performance and attractiveness to help increase ethylene production.

The SeLene™ catalyst family for selective hydrogenation of olefin streams is an industry benchmark, providing high performance and flexibility.

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