SOCAR & Turcas Aegean Refinery to Implement Axens Technology

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SOCAR & Turcas Refining has selected Axens’ hydrotreating technologies for its Aegean Refinery Project at Aliaga province of the Aegean port city of İzmir.

The three units under Axens design and fed by the effluents from an upstream coker are:

  • A 20,000 barrels per stream day (bpsd) Naphtha Hydrotreater,
  • A 26,000 bpsd Prime-K™ unit for jet fuel production,
  • A 68,000 bpsd Prime-D™ unit for the production of 10 ppm sulfur diesel.

The refinery scheduled to be commissioned in 2014 will have a capacity of 214,000 bpsd and will deliver intermediate products to PETKM for petrochemical use as well as Euro5 Diesel for local market.

Prime-D™ and Prime-K™ are proprietary name of Axens, a leader in clean fuels technology, for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), Kerosene and Jet Fuel production.